• Come and see some of the finest narrow gauge models in or about 7mm to 1 ft scale at our Annual Exhibition in Burton Upon Trent.. The 2020 Exhibition due to have been held on Saturday 13 June 2020 was, for obvious reasons, cancelled.
  • A narrow gauge was generally chosen to reduce cost when building a railway, particularly where space was an issue or the terrain meant that building to standard gauge standards of curvature and gradient would be impractical or prohibitively costly. A significant consequence of this was that, in many parts of the world, main line railways were ...
  • Track gauge used is 16.5mm, common with OO/HO so there is a wealth of ready options for mechanisms and running gear. OO/HO track can be adapted or specialist 16.5mm track from PECO used. A wide variety of railways can be reasonably portrayed, having track gauges between 2ft and 2ft 6in.
  • Narrow Gauge. N Scale. Train Packs. HO/OO Scale. TT Scale. DCC. Controllers. Decoders. Speakers. ... 40072 DC Traction Tyres - 16.5mm x 10; Roco - 40072 DC Traction ...
  • 16.5mm Narrow Gauge Wagon Turntables . Suitable for narrow gauge on 16.5mm gauge, such as O16.5, On30 or 1/32n2 or 1/35n2. These track panels are designed to fit Peco code 100 rail. recommended for indoor use only, as plastic is not fully water proof . Link to 16.5mm NG track 16.5 and 9mm mixed gauge track 16.5mm Narrow Gauge Small Turntables
  • Pritchard Patent Product Co. Ltd (PECO) has always been a forward-looking family company with a long tradition of innovative thinking. The business started trading in 1946 and is now in its third generation.
with 16.5mm track gauge and a minimum radius of 15 inches. HO scale is an excellent size to appreciate the detail and running performance without being too cramped. Also, many HO enthusiasts say that HO scale is ideal for running their trains using a digital setup. If you’re looking
Im thinking of ditching my burgeoning collection of 00 models which Ive been saving up for the layout that will never happen, and toying with the idea of a 7mm small Talyllyn layout instead. I only want to do this if i can achieve some good scale realism. i know the Peco kit of No1 Talyllyn has b...
Scottish Narrow Gauge - The Campbeltown & Machrihanish Railway model layout built by Nigel MacMillan in O16.5 7mm scale, 16.5mm gauge ISSN 0958-0808 Share Share on Facebook Tweet Tweet on Twitter Pin it Pin on Pinterest Welcome to the home of discount collectables of both past and present. It is our aim to provide the serious collector with a reliable source from where to obtain those most sought after items at reasonable cost.
O-16.5 great little trains | antics online model shop, O-16.5 and on30 models run on oo/ho 16.5mm gauge track.on30 models will run on any 16.5mm gauge track, offering a very wide selection of off-the-shelf points from the.
Probably the shop with the greatest range of N Gauge / Scale in the UK and stocks a wide range of OO, Plastic Kits, Tools and Paints. 'O' / 16.5mm Narrow Gauge Track View Cart Jan 26, 2020 · Middleton by the de Havilland MRS, 1930s LNER Tees Valley branch line terminus in 4mm/ft scale 16.5mm gauge (00). Mothecombe by the High Wycombe & District MRS, South West coast BR (W) through station in 4mm/ft scale 16.5mm gauge (00). Located on the South West coast between Salcombe and Plymouth this fictitious ex GWR station, with SR running rights, is being superbly constructed, under supervision, by our Junior section and has also been used to form part of our Junior Member’s skills ...
Narrow Gauge Tram Engine. 16mm scale, 32mm gauge (SM32) Built from an IP Engineering kit. Battery powered. A pair of English Electric Shunters. Top, HO (3.5mm) scale. Bottom OO (4mm) scale. Both 16.5mm gauge. Built from Mercian Models etched brass kits. More details and photographs here. Midland 4-Wheel Coach . Gauge 1 7mm narrow gauge 0-16.5mm gauge Peco 0-4-0 Hunslet Quarry Loco.GWR livery. Condition is "Used". Dispatched with Royal Mail 2nd Class.

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